VALENTINES DAY     Today can be a bit of a mixed bag for people. Some are delightfully giddy at the prospect of spending a special day with their loved one. Wining and dining at a fancy restaurant, or snuggling together on the couch. Others are bulk buying booze and chocolates, loading movies like The Notebook, tissues at the ready. And there are some that are racing home, just to have the satisfaction of slamming the[…]

T-SHIRT PAINTING T-Shirt painting is a seriously fun and easy project to do with kids, ESPECIALLY on a rainy day when they are stuck inside! I get my plain t-shirts from K-mart or BigW, they range from $3 to $5, so wont break the bank, and then your kids have something unique to wear, with the added fun of being able to make it themselves! THINGS YOU WILL NEED Contact paper[…]