Valentine’s Day Card




Today can be a bit of a mixed bag for people.
Some are delightfully giddy at the prospect of spending a special day with their loved one. Wining and dining at a fancy restaurant, or snuggling together on the couch.
Others are bulk buying booze and chocolates, loading movies like The Notebook, tissues at the ready.
And there are some that are racing home, just to have the satisfaction of slamming the door hastily behind them, in an effort to drown out the heart shaped balloons and smooching couples who have all come out of the woodwork.
(GAH! %$#^*)

Now please don’t get me wrong!

I love flowers and balloons as much as the next person, but as I dropped off my two little munchkins at school this morning, and watched their little faces drop as they watched the cards and flowers marching in to school, I realised that I don’t want my kids to think today is about popularity – which kid got the most cards, or biggest teddy – or about making them feel somehow less because some random person didn’t give them a piece of paper.
So I’ve decided to embrace Valentine’s Day for my kids sake. Partly because it’s an inescapable fact. It comes around every year.
So today is about LOVE in all it’s glorious forms.
Sisterly/Brotherly Love.
Parental Love.
Familial Love.
Friendship Love.
And they can be ASSURED that every February 14th,
come rain hail or shine,
they are loved.
By me, by each other, and by their families and friends.
So with that in mind, I’ve made two special cards
that will be waiting for them when they get home.

OK – sap-fest over. Lets move on to the free stuff.

I designed a cute heart card. 
I wanted to share it.

Click the image below to download 🙂

For those of you who celebrate today, and even to those who don’t, I wish you a wonderful day all the same!


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